A Husband/Father’s two cents on Public Breastfeeding



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Guest post from my amazing husband, Matt Swedlund:

I have read and heard a lot about nursing babies and mothers (more than I would have ever imagined). My wife and 2 year old daughter are still nursing and my wife is a bit of a breastfeeding/nursing advocate (she’s also a doula, aspiring birth educator, and all around awesome). For the most part I listen to these conversations or read blog posts and don’t comment because I’m a male, I don’t have breasts, and I don’t know what it is like to breastfeed a child. What I do know is that my wife and child’s breastfeeding/nursing relationship has been a very beautiful and natural thing. My wife breastfed our child “on demand” which resulted in semi-frequent public breastfeeding. She never encountered any extreme breastfeeding haters making rude remarks or ignorant employees asking her to go into the bathroom – which is…

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The Candida Diet DON’T DO IT!!!


This is my face not being on the candida diet. Pure fucking bliss I tell you. Image courtesy of Jorgo Photography





Here is a teaser for the ebook I just release called The Candida Diet, DON’T DO IT. Why sugar and carbs are essential for health and how to deal with your ‘candida’ problem without going on an extremely restrictive diet, killing the fun in food, ruining your social life and becoming ultra-paranoid.

If you want to know how I dealt with my candida problems after 8 years of having thrush on and off (omg worst thing ever) I suggest having a read!

The candida diet hey, bloody hell this shit is everywhere, it seems that our gut health, energy levels and sanity are all suffering, everywhere I look I read about people on the candida diet, craving the shit out of sugar and carbs and stuffing up their “diet” every few weeks because the cravings are so bad, they lose weight (mainly due to eating a completely insufficient amount of calories), some of their symptoms may clear up for a while, but the diet almost ALWAYS fails and brings with it so many other horrible side effects, it was never worth it in the first place. This book is here to make your life a little more simple, balanced and HAPPY!! 

Don’t worry, I’ve done this shitty depressing diet too, the result was not pretty, I became extremely thin, unwell and even more fucked up than before, hence the book.

SO many people are being diagnosed with candida, it is apparently the cause of all of their health problems, and as usual this is a massive over simplification. Candida is not the CAUSE of illness it is the outcome of many variables, usually poor diet, far too much polyunsaturated fat consumption, the use of birth control methods such as the pill, estrogen dominance, thyroid and metabolic dysfunction, use of corticosteroids and antibiotics, and I am sure there are many other factors yet to be discovered…

For more info purchase your copy today! https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?c=cart&i=1359738&cl=264743&ejc=2

Fucking protein powders, bars, meal replacements and other bullshit


You asked. I deliver. Here’s the rant. Honestly this shit is EVERYWHERE I LOOK, not only popular with the blokes who proudly strut off to the gym and return with a fucking huge 40 gallon drum of the stuff which usually has a picture of a bloke built like a brick shithouse and is called MANPOWERXTREME this will give you muscles bigger than a 10ft cock or some such nonsense, but chicks everywhere are digging this shit too. The meal replacements are a particular favourite (sorry why the fuck are we replacing a meal? how about eat a meal….). The protein powder obsession doesn’t end there either, pregnant women, the elderly and it’s even being marketed to picky kids..just like baby formula is marketed for toddlers.. a great post on that here. 

I just did a quick google of protein powder ingredients. Here’s a picture. This is pretty standard. Of particular concern is the whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, soy protein isolate and soy lecithin. This one doesn’t have too many dodgy sugars, sucralose NOT GOOD, where are they getting these vitamins and minerals? Synthetic is usually a good guess, plus flavours- not specified.


What fucks me off the most is this shit is now being suggested to kids as young as four by network marketing companies. My friend Jackie Isles from Jackie Isles. Nourish Balance Wellness had this to say about a super popular one doing the rounds at the moment

“Isagenix , what do I think about it ? I have avoided this question publicly for months now , but today,I outed my concerns on this nutritional cleanse on a friends Fb page so it’s time I talk about it on my own page. I know how fabulous it feels to be jumping out of your skin with energy, to look fabulous in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in years and to rock your confidence. It’s feels friggin fantastic !! I believe in bio individuality in nutrition, not one eating or lifestyle plan suits all, we are all unique and what works for me may not work for you.I believe in being empowered, to live each day with the right recipe of success for our long term wellbeing ,educating our children on being truly well ,healthy and confident . It’s with this mind , I asked some questions ?? I’ve had extensive discussions with Isagenix leading nutritionists in Australia. I am a wellness coach with a background in herbal medicine and I would not recommend this product to my clients nor would I use it myself. It’s full of allergenic ingredients ( soy,dairy,gluten) ,high in fructose , and it has artificial flavours as well as natural flavours in some of their products, the claims of being a cleansing product is simply untrue. It is a meal replacement diet product where in a week you eat real food maybe 3 meals only and the rest of your intake is shakes and pills. Isagenixs belief is their product is the only clean proper nutrition available on the planet as all other food sources including organic real food is devoid of vitamins and micro nutrients. They do a great sell job and the marketing is clever, and at one point in my 90 minute conversation I was nearly convinced by the sell ,until I asked about ” education, long term wellbeing, support and successes post cleanse” it’s at this point the wheels fell off the “sell” … the long term well being and education is simply buying more product , the dietician could not site one client of hers that was eating a balanced nutrient rich real food diet ,3 meals a day. All the long term success stories were still locked into meal replacement therapy and Isagenix. The dieticians did not eat real food daily and for the last 3 years ate Isagenix as their primary dietary intake. To me that is disordered eating . Many people with long term weight issues have underlying auto immune disorders, allergies and self esteem issues, to be disempowered by a product long term and to think you can only feel and look great by taking this product long term is so wrong and damaging on so many levels. Short weight loss with no underlying auto immune disorders go for it , it works, but so does any low calorie diet!!! you can achieve weight loss easily with a #healthyhappyplate and working on your self love and nourishment and metabolism, without the price tag . Blessings and healthyhappys Jx”

So yeah, she had some real ass shit to say about it. Nailed it Jackie. Fucking good one mate.

It is a myth that we need shitloads of protein, even if we are working out daily for extensive periods you can get an adequate protein intake from an actual food source. Plus protein should actually be consumed with it’s naturally occurring STOP CUTTING THE FUCKING FAT OFF THE MEAT AND DRINKING SKIM MILK! MADNESS!! If you don’t consume it with the fat the world is going to end.. well no. But it’s not exactly health inducing. One of my fave blogs Holistic Squid said this about it.

“When it comes to the down-side of protein powders — be they organic, hemp, whey, soy, etc - the point that I find most compelling is that protein should not be consumed regularly without a proportionate amount of its naturally occurring fat - this means lean meat and protein powders are simply a no-no unless also supplemented with healthy saturated fats. The saturated fat and fat soluble vitamins in dairy and meat helps the body to properly use the protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Too much protein and too little fat can cause a negative calcium balance that can lead to bone weakness (insufficient vitamin K2), eye problems (from insufficient vitamin A), immune issues (commonly linked to insufficient vitamin D), and other health conditions resulting from excessive ‘lean’ protein consumption.”

Even the Nutrition Guru and the Chef is laying it out, in a post she did today she said

“I’m asked every day which protein powder I recommend. I  prefer people get their protein from whole food sources. Why? Protein powders are not a real food, often contain all sorts of synthetic filler ingredients and are highly refined. They are a creation of the modern world and even the protein powders using all natural ingredients still go through a very unnatural process to extract the protein, turn it into a powder and put it into a container to sell.

The marketing of protein powders is a multi billion dollar industry. The information touting protein powders as ‘must h ave weight loss’ answer, or ‘only way to add bulk ‘ is written by supplement companies as advertorial. They cleverly list all the benefits of the powders on the packaging, but remember this is a clever marketing ploy.”


Oh. and I got distracted. I haven’t even ranted about the ingredients yet.

Whey. Whey Whey Whey. Why are used so damn much in shit these days? Sally Fallon from the Weston A Price Foundation lays it down straight as usual. She tells us the process of making protein powders often requires extremely high heat which overly denatures the proteins (as opposed to the normal denaturing that happens during digestion or cooking) to such an extent that they become virtually useless while increasing nitrates, MSG, and other carcinogens. (Holistic Squid).

Oooh but then all the new fancy products are offering DENATURED proteins so I’m sweet yo. Erm. Sorry dudes. Not so fast. It’s still a dehydrated, powdered, highly processed, packaged food made to last. Therefore the shit aint great..

Not to mention the extreme overuse of soy. Fuck I’m sick of soy being marketed as a health food, a great protein substitute for vegans/vegetarians. A great milk choice for the above or those lactose/casein intolerant. If I hear one more person in the coffee cue ordering a soy flat white I may take drastic action.. and let out an uncontrollable outburst FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP DRINKING THAT SHIT. Whilst I am happy to have a miso soup once in a while, a little Tamari in an asian inspired dish, some edamame now and then and even some tofu or tempeh on a semi regular basis, turning into a powder or ‘milk’ is truly fucking insane. Soy lecithin, what even is that shit? It’s in everything. Not good.

I can hear the soy lovers already, BUT ASIANS EAT LOADS OF SOY AND THEY ARE SO HEALTHFUL. Wrong again. They eat small amounts of soy, and it is fermented removing a lot of the dangers of consuming soy, plus they eat in with traditional, nourishing foods like fish broth which is full of iodine and other minerals SUPPORTING thyroid health. Big difference between that and the nasty ass shit in the vege burger etc.

Mercola lists ten nasty truths about unfermented soy in this article.

1. High Phytic Acid (Phytates): Reduces assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking, but only with long fermentation. High-phytate diets have caused growth problems in children.

2. Trypsin inhibitors: Interferes with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic disorders. In test animals, trypsin inhibitors in soy caused stunted growth.

3. Goitrogens: Potent agents that block your synthesis of thyroid hormones and can cause hypothyroidism and thyroid cancer. In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked with autoimmune thyroid disease. Goitrogens interfere with iodine metabolism.

4. Phytoestrogens/Isoflavones: Plant compounds resembling human estrogen can block your normal estrogen and disrupt endocrine function, cause infertility, and increase your risk for breast cancer.

5. Hemagglutinin: A clot-promoting substance that causes your red blood cells to clump, making them unable to properly absorb and distribute oxygen to your tissues.

6. Synthetic Vitamin D: Soy foods increase your body’s vitamin D requirement, which is why companies add synthetic vitamin D2 to soymilk (a toxic form of vitamin D).

7. Vitamin B12: Soy contains a compound resembling vitamin B12 that cannot be used by your body, so soy foods can actually contribute to B12 deficiency, especially among vegans.

8. Protein Denaturing: Fragile proteins are denatured during high temperature processing to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein (TVP). Chemical processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.

9. MSG: Free glutamic acid, or MSG, is a potent neurotoxin. MSG is formed during soy food processing, plus additional MSG is often added to mask soy’s unpleasant taste.

10. Aluminum and Manganese: Soy foods contain high levels of aluminum, which is toxic to your nervous system and kidneys, and manganese, which wreaks havoc on your baby’s immature metabolic system.

Soy’s antinutrients are quite potent. Drinking just two glasses of soymilk daily provides enough of these compounds to alter a woman’s menstrual cycle. But if you feed soy to your infant or child, these effects are magnified a thousand-fold. Infants fed soy formula may have up to 20,000 times more estrogen circulating through their bodies as those fed other formulas. You should NEVER feed your infant a soy-based formula!

Nasty, nasty shit. Fermented soy products are fine, in their natural forms, in small amounts, but seriously. Please stop with the protein powder, bars, meal replacements, pretty much everything in a supermarket being pumped with soy. This shit is getting ridic.

Not to mention sucralose. Fucking fuck.Loads of these companies use aspartame as well. Where do I even start with that shit? Eh, it’s too much for one post. I think you’ve got the point by now, surely.

SO here’s the deal. I know it’s super hard to eat meals all the time, I know protein powders are an easy way to get some nutrients in. I know all this healthy shit is seriously hard work. Fuck sometimes all I manage for breakfast is some sourdough and butter and a glass of OJ. There are some semi decent ones on the market that if I was stuck for time and was faced with eating nothing or some protein powder I’d choose the powder (eating nothing is NEVER a good idea). I’d probably reach for an apple or a banana first though!

Try taking some boiled eggs! Natural yoghurt, great lakes gelatin and fresh homemade whey are all great things to add to a smoothie if you’re really into the smoothie thing, I usually chuck in one or two raw organic egg yolks too. Bone broth is of course amazing. Pasture raised meat, wild caught fish, nuts, avo, coconut and yes even some fermented soy is fine (please don’t go mental on the shit). Don’t forget your fat and carbs either!

Calm the fuck down and eat some food. 

The best fuckin bolognese on the block


Even four year olds eat the shit out of it..

Photo by Jorgo Photography

Photo by Jorgo Photography

Brown onion, one large, chop that motherfucka up with tears everywhere (or be super cool and do it in a Thermomix to avoid the tears, 3 seconds, speed 5.

Saute the shit out of it on MEDIUM with a big knob of butter (you decide the knob size, do you like your knobs big or small?) and some macadamia oil or red palm oil SUSTAINABLE ONLY, use this one http://www.elaeisorganic.com/palmoil.html. How much? A lot. Like three tablespoons (just pour that shit in til it looks like a fuckload).

While that shit is sauteeing, grate the fuck out of some organic carrots and zucchini, I use 3 carrots and 2 zucchini, lots of vegetables, it’s good for you.

When your onions are good and ready (light brown and soft, don’t let that shit get too brown cos you still gotta saute the meat) add 500g of organic pork mince (yes use pork, trust me, it’s fatty and delish), and 500g or a kg of organic beef mince, the fattier the better (depending on how many people you are cooking for or if you want shitloads of leftovers), chop the fuck out of it while its in the pot with the end of a spatula, you need to break that shit up good, brown that shit up on MEDIUM. Pour in two jars of Organic Passata (just the plain old passata not that nasty ass flavoured shit with canola oil and shit in it). Throw in a few dried bay leaves. Get that good old zucchini and carrot the fuck in there, stir that shit around. Now this is IMPORTANT. Get some ALLSPICE, yes allspice you fucken heard me, trust me, it’s amazing, add a tablespoon, and a splash of Worcestershire, bit of black pepper. Now turn down to LOW and simmer for two preferably three hours, trust me, this infuses the shit out of all the flavours and makes it freaking amazing, stir it every now and then so you don’t burn it on the bottom.

Cook pasta (I use organic wheat pasta), or you could have it on top of white rice or roast sweet potato or on some sourdough for lunch is good too. Put the sauce over the pasta, grate on some organic parmesan, put a little sprig of parsley on top because you are one fancy motherfucker and EAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

Report back.


Sorry here’s your shopping list so you don’t forget bits and it’s all in one place..

Brown onion, 500g organic pork mince, 500-1kg organic beef mince, dried bay leaves, two jars passata, three carrots, two zucchini, Worcestershire sauce, allspice, black pepper, organic pasta, organic parmesan, parsley (grow that shit). Done.

Debunking the Shit out of Nutrition Myths Talk in Brisbane!




Do you find yourself freaking out over what you should eat, or simply having no idea and not sure what to think? 

Are you afraid that you might not know how to make the best choices for you and your family?

Do you find contradictory health advice overwhelming, frustrating and confusing? 

Jessie is a passionate health activist who wants to share her personal story with you, and all of the things she has learnt about life along the way. In this inspirational talk Jessie will break down the complexities of nutrition and health in a real, raw and honest way. 

Her voice offers a no bullshit straight up view on the health and wellness industry, and her casual use of the occasional curse words is a refreshing reprieve from the norm; reminding you that you are speaking to a real person with a real story to tell. 

Having eaten everything from pure junk food and takeaway meals every day in the pursuit of short-term happiness, to going on several extreme and restrictive health diets hoping to find wellness and clarity; Jessie has done it all. She found that at both ends of the spectrum her body never received the proper nutrients it needed to function, and now she wants to talk to you about living a healthier, more balanced life without sucking all the fun out of food. 

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How the super healthy, low carb/sugar- paleo diet ruined our health and sanity.


If you are doing awesome on it, great!

Peeps if you are following paleo, LCHF, primal or some other way of eating and it’s working for you and you feel amazing, that is super fantastic, I’m honestly very happy for you. This post isn’t for you.. or maybe it is so you know what to watch out for, I simply implore you to listen to and love your body and change shit up if you need to. If all is going well, fantastic!! Much health and happiness to you. This is my story and my partners so you don’t have to relate to it in any way, shape or form J if you’re going to be a nasty, uppity cunt about it, please keep it to yourself. I’m 3 days overdue pregnant and I don’t give a fuck about your precious ego or how I didn’t do it right or how you have the answers and are better than everyone. Seriously. Suck a fuck! Read with an open mind or go along on your merry way.

Pre Paleo

When I met Dan he was fit, robust and literally NEVER, EVER got sick. We enjoyed watching tv series (Game of Thrones, True Blood, The Walking Dead) together whilst eating mix bag lollies and we LOVED to eat out. We didn’t worry about what we ate. Dan subsisted on mainly cereal, subway, Boost smoothies, omelettes and some vegetables and meat now and then; I remember he would eat like four bowls of cereal in the morning- so a pretty high carb diet, our favourite cuisine was Japanese, especially the sticky rice and the green tea ice cream for dessert. We had shitloads of sex.  I’m talking 5 times a day. Fucking good times, literally.

Image by Bailey is Brown

Image by Bailey is Brown

Getting sick- start of diet obsessions

I had battled candida in the past but when I met him I was doing pretty well as I had been on a long course of daily Diflucan and that seemed to sort that out for a while, unfortunately it appeared to really mess with my immune system and I began getting vomiting bugs all the time and contracted some nasty viruses such as Eppstein Barr and Adeno virus. I was very, very sick, got down to 38kg, hospitalised multiple times, could not take care of myself at all, he basically had to nurse me full time at my mums house. I began obsessively researching as the antidepressants and sleeping peels and diagnosis of it’s all in my head from all the Drs, specialists and the hospital basically just giving me a drip and vomiting suppressants and sending me on my way wasn’t a great deal of help.

So I became obsessed with the candida diet, did that for a few months but in the end found that whole grains and loads of vegetables definitely was not my cup of tea- I was fucking starving and couldn’t stick to it at all, the food tasted so bland and shitty to me. I started seeing all sorts of holistic practitioners. I got ‘diagnosed’ with everything under the sun. Apparently I was intolerant to just about every food/chemical/substance on earth. I tried the failsafe diet. Fuck that was good times. Really. I loved eating a diet made up of 10 foods, when I ate anything not failsafe I’d have a huge reaction. One time I ate something with tomato and eggplant. My tongue swelled up in my mouth to four times its size and I could barely fucking breathe, my lips were raw red and I thought I was going to die. Took some antihistamines and that calmed that down but wtf, I used to be able to eat those foods without that kind of shit happening. I mean I am anaphylactic allergic to peanuts and cashews but not to a fucking tomato and some eggplant. Jesus. So ditched the failsafe mental asylum and continued to plough my way through a fuckload of research. Thus my introduction to the Weston A Price Foundation and then to stuff like the GAPS and Body Ecology Diets and Paleo in general. This way of eating was far better, Dan loved it too. Fuck I felt like I was the smartest little shit around. Eating like our ancestors, never entering the big two supermarkets. If I did I would stare in disgust at what other people were buying/feeding their kids and how fat, sick and depressed everyone looked. What an uppity wanker- seriously.

Learning lots of amazing things

I am actually very grateful for a lot of the amazing knowledge I gained in my hours, upon hours upon hours of reading books, blogs, studies, research etc. I think supporting grass fed, organic, locally sourced animal products is extremely important over supporting grain fed, factory farmed fucked up shit from the supermarket. I am all for organic, seasonal/local and eating real food. I am all for avoiding PUFAs as much as possible as I actually think they alone are the most damaging part of the modern human diet (margarine, vegetable/seed oils etc, some nasty ass and seriously damaging/inflammatory shit). I don’t want to ingest aspartame or a huge clusterfuck of additives, preservatives, colours and e numbers. But things started to go pretty darn sour 12 months down the track of our perfect, superior, ancestral, grain free, sugar free, low carb, paleo, real food, egomaniac, better than everyone diet. Interestingly the more symptoms we got the lower carb, lower sugar we tried to go.. this is what started happening. I’ll start with Dan and then run through my symptoms.

Dan’s body starts falling apart

Dan was the most chilled dude I have ever met when I met him, nothing could fire him up, he was very even tempered and just went with the flow pretty much all the time. He smiled a lot and was happy doing just about anything, even cleaning makes that boy happy, seriously. Like I said he never got sick, literally never in his life even had a common cold and he had boundless energy, we used to walk 8ks a day min and he was a runner and into loads of sport. Plus don’t forget the sex :P but he started to lose his health, he got dandruff all the time and weird rashes on his body, he became snappy so much more easily and really fatigued, in more recent times he started to get horrible digestive upset, I won’t embarrass him too much with the finer details but it wasn’t pleasant, he also started vomiting a lot which was truly bizarre and developed sinus issues, poor sleep and his muscles literally started wasting off his body- no matter how much pasture raised bacon, eggs, organic grass fed meats, super healthy fats and vegetables he consumed in a day. He became scared of carbs and even fruit and stopped eating his beloved bananas even.. he wouldn’t even touch sweet potato, we were so obsessed it was mental. He started lying around watching cricket all day, not having the energy for anything much at all. He was super moody and his zest for life had all but disappeared. He couldn’t exercise anymore, if he did he would get sick again. Weird stuff started happening to his teeth and he was getting kind of stinky, he’d never had a bad smell problem before haha (sorry babe). He decided that our water filter must not be clean enough and that’s why he was sick all the time and kept cleaning the water filter, even though Dom was drinking from it and he was totally fine- good thing Dom was still getting carbs from all the other places he went huh? I can only imagine if we had him 24/7 and he didn’t get any carbs or sugar- fucking bad times for his growth and health that would have been. Dan would say he must have got sick from cleaning the bathroom or not washing his hands after doing the dishes or something, he was freaking out about everything and would not TOUCH any food that wasn’t from our house and totally organic/paleo. I think it’s possible he was even more paranoid about it all than me. Poor bastard. Wtf had I done to him. I said we should go even lower carbs absolutely no sugar. Only fruit allowed was berries, lemon and lime and absolutely no grains (we’d been grain free for the best part of a year anyway) or starchy vegetables allowed. Ketosis and gut healing protocols and supplements would cure us. This was a week ago. I posted about the gut healing protocol on my page. A few people were smart enough to call me out on it and say it was a fucking bad idea, given I’m pregnant and will also need to be producing titty milk. One chick in particular kept commenting and private messaging me stuff. Stuff about low carb/no sugar not being the answer and how it could really harm our metabolism and adrenal and thyroid health. I thought she was a bit mental but good thing I love to read.  She implored me to read more from Josh and Jeanne Rubin and this batshit Matt Stone fellow. I read 6 of his books in a few days. I’m like that. Then I thought about my own symptoms over the paleo time.. what had happened to me?

diet trap

My health starts deteriorating again..

Well initially we felt amazing and were on top of the world. Pretty common scenario. Super fucking human we were. Knew it all. Did it all right. I mean shit I have 5,500+ people following my facebook page and liking, sharing and commenting on all the stuff I shared- good thing I ripped into veg/seed oils and highly processed shit more than I did natural sugar and carbs.. so hopefully I haven’t caused too many people lasting damage like I have to my own family.. although I definitely did encourage low carb/high fat.. fuckity.. hopefully if anyone else is experiencing issues this will help them on their way. I started to really lose my appetite. I seriously could not face bacon and eggs at breakfast. I wasn’t hungry until 10.30/11 and then I’d make a smoothie and usually not eat again until 5.30 or 6 where I’d push my meat, veg and fat around the plate. It wasn’t always like this, I used to love the food and Dan is truly an amazing cook but I was just so fucking bored out of my mind. I was constantly exhausted, like could barely walk 50 meters down the road without moaning and groaning and wanting to sleep on the side walk (this is prior to me being so heavily pregnant). My moods were psycho, everything made me angry and irritable, I mean I am a pretty firey person in general as you lot I’m sure are well aware but seriously. This one day I was driving home and I started screaming and crying and punching the steering wheel because the red light was taking too long to turn green and my aircon was broken and it was fucking hot sitting there in the sun. Like properly just losing my shit. Completely mental. Thought it was just hormones. This started happening more and more. Something tiny would set me off and I would go fucking ballistic, swearing and crying and screaming and slamming doors like my good old 15 year old self. A grown woman, behaving like one of those disturbed teenagers you see on those weird American shows that get sent to bootcamp and then come home all normal again, for a bit, then they start smoking crack again or whatever. I spent lots of time hiding in my bed, I found it difficult to answer the phone and emails again, I found it extremely difficult to cope with criticism of my work on here, I would cry virtually at the drop of a hat and had suicidal feelings often. Never feeling good enough and so ultra fucking paranoid about shit that just seriously DOES NOT EVEN MATTER.

I was also experiencing lots more digestive problems, couldn’t take a shit half the time, ended up with haemorrhoids, needed a bucketload of magnesium to get things moving, candida wouldn’t go away and would flare up hugely if I ate anything outside my paleo list, which was becoming a more regular occurrence. The cravings were constant and I felt so much guilt that I couldn’t just be good and stick to the perfect diet that was apparently so fucking satiating and not depriving at all.  My arthritis/RSI was playing up terribly in my hands and arms, I had pains all over my body and what felt like shin splints despite doing sweet fuck all in the way of exercise, I started waking at 2am and being unable to sleep. I was angry and irritable virtually all of the time.

Social anxiety- epic cravings

We had no life. Seriously. Even at Christmas time I would read the ingredients on say mint jelly (one of my favourite things of all time dating back to lovely memories as a child, slathering it on my meat) and I WOULDN’T PUT IT ON, because it contains sugar. That devil poison shit that is killing us all. I wouldn’t eat grains or if I happened to I would get really sick and feel really guilty. I never liked fruit much anyway. When I went super low carb, no sugar, my cravings were out of control. I thought I had a major addiction and problem that I needed to fix but my body is, as it turns out a fuckload smarter than me and when I went to McDonald’s eight times in a fortnight and ate the shit out of a large cheeseburger meal and a sundae, hiding the evidence and crying in guilt and literally ate 2/3 of this amazing cake my sister made for my son’s birthday in TWO DAYS. I thought maybe my body is really sending a strong message here. Maybe I’m not a weak piece of shit after all.

Questioning the low carb/sugar obsession

So I read Paleo Myths, Eat for Heat, Diet Recovery 2 and a bunch of other books by Matt Stone, I read Don’t Quit Sugar by Cassie Platt which I’d previously said a lot of disparaging shit about. I looked into the work of Ray Peat and Danny Roddy, I checked out Go Kaleo and I started taking our temperatures. According to Matt Stone and many others, these super restrictive diets fuck you mentally (obviously) but also for many people really destroy metabolism, thyroid and adrenal health. Dan’s raising temp was 34.4, mine was 34.8. Really if your metabolism and thyroid are functioning correctly you should be BARE MINIMUM 36.6, even better 37.2 or higher (99 Fahrenheit). Clearly we were fucked and our bodies were literally starving, particularly funnily enough for CARBOHYDRATES (that devil shit that is making us all fat and sick) and SUGAR. As well as salt, saturated fat, sleep and starch. The s’s for dealing with stress.

Feel initially amazing and get to your ideal body weight by quitting sugar?

In Cassie Platt’s book Don’t Quit Sugar she explains- “Many people experience profound results through quitting sugar, particularly in the short term. Mentally, there’s increased energy, blunted appetite and noticeable mood enhancement. Physically, there’s seemingly effortless weight loss. What most fail to realise is that such changes are attributable to a state of cellular stress and consequent rise in stress hormones. For three months, six months, perhaps a year (this is affectionately termed the ‘honeymoon phase’), stress hormones can make you feel excellent, promotion euphoria and a heightened sense of wellbeing. But beneath the surface, stress hormones do exactly as their name suggests- they’re a stress on the body in its entirety. Prolonged elevation can break down body tissue, impair thyroid function, damage the metabolism and devastate the body physiologically.”

Signs that your metabolism is on the decline

  • Low body temperature (increase sensitivity to cold, consistently cold hands and feet). TICK
  • Frequent urination- pale in colour. TICK.
  • Digestive issues- bloating after meals- delayed gastric emptying, less than one daily bowel movement. TICK.
  • Poor sleep quality (insomnia, waking up during the night)- TICK.
  • Low sex drive or impaired sexy function- TICK.
  • Thinning hair or hair loss
  • Infertility
  • Absent, irregular or difficult periods.
  • Thinning hair or hair loss.
  • Thin outer third of eyebrows.
  • Dry skin, especially on the hands and shins.
  • Fatigue (feeling tired, sluggish or weak). MASSIVE TICK.
  • Brain fog or poor mental focus.
  • Mood disorders, increased anxiety or depression. YES!!
  • Oedema (water retention), particularly facial puffiness
  • Weight fain
  • Muscle aches or weakness. TICK!

Cassie’s book also delves into many more facts and fiction about sugar including the whole insulin resistance escapade, fructose fear, fatty liver, sugar makes you fat, humans apparently ‘not being evolved’ to eat sugar and even the need to cut out sugar in order to stop feeding candida. MYTHS!! She then provides a how to guide to sugar, the best ones to use and how to incorporate them safely in your diet. When we talk about sugar, I merely mean sugar from fruits, starchy vegetables, raw honey, maple syrup and yes even pure cane. Not highly manufactured, processed versions like HFCS which IS damaging and a pretty bad idea for health.


So yeah.. now we are eating all the foods. All the time. Min 3500 calories a day for me, more for Dan. Today I had a glass of freshly juiced, organic OJ (OJ CONTAINS AS MUCH SUGAR AS COKE OMG WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE), I had two pieces of Turkish toast for breakfast, with a shitload of butter. Then I had weetbix with raw milk. I had a pie for lunch, with sauce and a mango smoothie, I ate some Turkish delight and some lollies, I had 3 ice creams. I had scallops and mash in butter sauce for dinner. I drank apple juice.  Oh yeah I also had a cheeseburger too. I was fucking hungry. I’ve been doing this for a week now. Literally eating all the things, what I want, when I want to. I’m not going to carry on like this forever but funnily enough processed, calorie dense foods can be just what the Dr ordered to smash your metabolism back up to its rightful place and sort your shit out, plus it’s the best way to cure years of deprivation and starvation. Get it all in there. You’ll stop craving so much shit if you just eat all the things and get it done. I know, I know, completely mental right? Our temperatures are already rising, today I was 36.6 during the day and 35.5 upon rising, a definite improvement. I look forward to being a normal part of society again, eating nourishing foods but also enjoying my sister’s pastries, Turkish toast and juice.

Where to from here..

All I can say is you need to listen to your body and do what’s best for you once again. You can’t prescribe a one way diet for everybody on the planet earth. It just doesn’t work out. Sorry. Do your own goddamn research and for fucks sake google where to get the books (amazon kindle people, keep up).  Google the blogs, just fucking google it all. Check out these posts from previous low carb paleo peeps too http://huntgatherlove.com/content/breaking-paleo and http://butterbeliever.com/low-body-temperature/ and http://www.cheeseslave.com/why-i-ditched-low-carb/. Don’t bother commenting about what I’m choosing to eat and how I’m choosing to deal with what I believe actually got to the point of an eating disorder. Google Geneen Roth, feedbag method etc and shove your judgments up your ass.

I’m having a fucking good time EATING THE FOOD and feel about a million percent better in every way. So does Dan J I will probably lose a lot of my audience with my very different attitude towards food and health, that’s ok, I hope that I will also gain a new audience and retain a lot of my old fans as well. I think I can still be proud of a lot of the work I have done. Saturated fats are a very important part of the diet, eating local, organic, sustainable food is awesome, PUFAs and highly processed man-made oils and ‘spreads’ are in no way healthy. I’m not sitting here swilling vegetable oils and HFCS by any means. But I think a much more relaxed and enjoyable approach is needed in many cases and you may need some carbs and sugar. Type 2 diabetes and all the other complications that paleo/low carb claims to save you from are not as simple as they are made out to be.  I think the paleo movement has a lot of wonderful and very positive aspects but I think the low carb, sugar fear mongering campaign is pretty akin to the saturated fat and cholesterol fear mongering propaganda and that makes me really, really sad. I really hope that I haven’t harmed anyone else with what I thought was the holy grail of dietary advice. That’s the thing that freaks me the fuck out the most and lead me to abruptly shutting down my page. I guess I can say that I never wanted people to just do what I do anyway, all I wanted was to share information with the world and get people CRITICALLY THINKING and now I am taking a critical approach once again and turning a lot of what I thought I knew on its head. Again all covered in Matt’s books and by the likes of the others mentioned.. check it out it really is very interesting..hope there is still some love for me and my ramblings out there. Be kind to yourselves..

One day left to pre order your copy of the Big Fat Truth e-book!


And in doing so supporting me in actually getting this thing out in the world! 


Cover design by Jemma Gorring

Has following the conventional mainstream dietary ‘wisdom’- a low fat, high carbohydrate, seed oil and sugar filled diet left you fat, sick, fatigued, with significant digestive discomfort such as Crohn’s, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, Candida etc? Do you have type two diabetes, are you sick of feeling depressed and lethargic? Have you been yo yo dieting your whole life? Are you significantly underweight or overweight and depleted? Does your Dr tell you your symptoms are in your head and that food has nothing to do with it? Have you been prescribed statins (cholesterol lowering medication), have you been told you will need to be medicated for the rest of your life? Are you ready to TRY SOMETHING NEW? Then I hope this book will be of significant assistance to you.

This e-book filled with beautiful illustrations by Jemma Gorring and photography by Ryan Jorgensen from Jorgo Photography debunks the living daylights out of mainstream nutrition ideas, gives options for replacing soft drinks and other sugar filled concoctions, teaches you how to make the huge change from a life of processed foods, illness and weight issues back to traditional, nourishing foods, healthy fats and balance in your life. Do you want a handy resource for what to say to people that think you’ve lost your blob because you don’t want to eat the ‘heart healthy’ multigrain bread with margarine? Do you want to know I emerged from the depths of pitiful nutrition and dreadful health and regained my health by BREAKING ALL THE RULES (my favourite past time) and following the exact opposite of the mainstream dietary guidelines and accepted advice? Do you want all the info on what to buy and what to avoid like the plague? Want the goods on fats, protein, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners. Want to know how the bloody hell to get your kids to eat something other than bread, cereal and pasta with cheese? Want to know the BEST fats to use and how to use them? This book is jam packed with all this and much, MUCH more. I want it to be a one stop guide for my readers.


Photo by Ryan Jorgensen of Jorgo Photography

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then please pre order your copy right over here and help me get this e-book out into the world!! Anyone who gives $15 or more to help fund the release of this thing will automatically have their copy sent straight to their inbox the SECOND it is released. 


Thanks for your support everyone :D

Recipe Roundup! Best blogs/pages for paleo/primal/GAPS/grain free/sugar free/NOURISHING recipes around.


I get asked for recipes on my page all the time. The truth is I’m a shithouse cook. It’s one of the reasons I got so sick. Legit lived off mi goreng, pasta and cheese, cereal, toasted sandwiches and take away junk for years. Well that all ended very badly for me and I eventually had to harden the fuck up and learn how to cook. SO I got myself a Thermomix after sometime because I absolutely HATE cooking with a passion. I don’t like chopping, I generally cut myself AND I generally burn myself on the oven or stove too. My dislike for doing dishes is almost as extreme as my dislike for the Heart Foundation’s dietary guidelines and Tick of Approval program. Thus the petition. So I’m sorry guys. But you won’t find many recipes on this page. I have invented the best smoothie recipe of all time which has seen me through my pregnancy. These days I also chuck in some Peace Love and Vegetables coconut kefir as well as some coconut cream for extra fat. YIPEE! But that’s about as good as it gets folks.

I do however troll the internet and make other people’s scrumptious recipes, and using my Thermomix I don’t even mess them up! It’s awesome! My partner is a great cook too and he loves giving new dishes a crack, specially if it involves grass fed meats and delicious fats. He’s also a huge fan of eggs :)

So I thought’d I’d do a blog/page roundup. Scroll through, click on every page, like them, check out their blogs and follow them and then you will never again be able to complain about my lack or recipes and culinary skills. Your newsfeed will be INFESTED with them. In a good way :)

These are in absolutely no particular order. They all rock in different ways. I will link their facebook page first and if they have a blog will put that at the end of the sentence. Follow the coloured word thingies. They are an amazing invention called links and will direct you straight to their pages. Fancy shit eh?

Oh also please note that not all of the recipes in these blogs/pages etc will all be GAPS friendly, grain free etc, just find what works for you and what doesn’t. They are all real food though and look delicious!

1. Wholesome Kids Traditional living in the modern world. Whole food recipes and health information. Their blog is here.

2. The Ancestral Body by Charby Ibrahim – Nutritional Health Coach. Personal Trainer. Health and Fitness Blogger. This guy also has heaps of cool videos. Who doesn’t like watching videos. Plus he’s cute. Added bonus eh?

3. Jen’s Wellness Corner and her blog with yummy recipes and lots of great info!

4. Brisbane Paleo Family. I’ve hung out with Leah a few times in Brisbane, she has the most amazing skin I have EVER SEEN. Must be all that fat and nourishing food. Apart from that she runs Brisbane Paleo meetup and has some great recipes too!

5. Kehoe’s Kitchen. Honestly us Brissy chicks are pretty awesome at life. I’ve seen these guys at Northey St Markets often too. Get on their blog for some great recipes :D

6. Mama Going Natural. This is pretty awesome, she not only has recipes for the kitchen but also for household AND beauty needs. Awesome. Plus I noticed she shared this post I did last night and is pre ordering my ebook. Therefore she must be pretty freaking cool haha.

7. Nat Kringroudis (it always takes me half an hour to type her last name out, something about it makes my more pregnant brain twitch, I think I spelt it right lol, maybe I should use copy and paste). Anyway this bird is all about fertility, fats, real food and much more. Recipes here.

8. Foodness for Goodness Sake. I kind of want to name it Foodness for Fucks Sake cos I think that would be rad. But swearing is inappropriate and offensive isn’t it :P in all seriousness if you have a bunch of allergies or foods you are avoiding this page is seriously helpful. Check out the recipes.

9.  Jen’s Paleo Kitchen. Shithot paleo recipes from Toowoomba!

10. Feeding Two Growing Boys Sharing healthy REAL food recipes with like minded people who are looking to eat additive, preservative and colour free food (and allergy friendly). Yay! Check out their fantastic blog here.

11. Pinkfarm A journey through the city and the country. Real food, traditional food, instinctive living and a healthy lifestyle. These ladies are wonderful :)

12. Hot Pink Chili. Untangled eating… straight out of the nourishing kitchen of a hot pink chilli with the help of my Thermomix. I ♥ to eat REAL food: sometimes raw, sometimes primal, always delicious and always using nutritious ingredients to feed our faces and souls.

13. For Real Food. Simple, healthy recipes :)

14. Ditch the Wheat is devoted to paleo/primal/real food based/ancestral, grain free, dairy free, reduced sugar recipes and health topics.

15.Grass Fed Girl tips/recipes from a low-carb, gluten/grain-free, Paleo/primal/WAPF nutritionist and fitness expert. Blog here.

16. The Coconut Mama Real Food. Natural Living. Coconut Love.

17. Real Food Real Fast bringing YOU the tools to prepare tasty and nourishing food. Save time, feel GREAT! Nicole is really lovely and about to bring out a fantastic cookbook. Don’t worry I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available!

18. Eating Innately has a gorgeous blog with lots of beautiful foodie photos and paleo friendly recipes.

19. Healthy Living Inspiration simple layout, lots of delicious nourishing recipes!

20. Quirky Cooking if you’re not following her already you’ve obviously been living under a rock and need to get out more. Actually that makes no sense. If you were getting out more you probably wouldn’t be spending all your time on facebook and therefore would be excused for not being on this page. But seriously. Fantastic recipes. Boatloads of useful tips. Awesome photos.

21. Frugal Paleo All about holistic nutrition, natural beauty, and saving money anywhere possible. Being healthy CAN be done frugally!

22. All Health Wellness Healthy recipes, diet and workout tips with a focus on wellness.

23. The Shrinking Hubby sharing the inspirational story of how my husband shed and has kept off 60 kilos by eating clean and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

24. Paleo in Melbourne We blog, review, discuss Paleo nutrition, networking, events & workshops locally. Helping on your way to a Paleo lifestyle. Recipes and more can be found here.

25. Forever Nutrition not gonna lie. Got a bit of a girl crush on Dinielle. She was one of the first people to sign my petition. She’s a nutritionist from Sydney, brutally honest, not afraid to say it how it is and a total kindred spirit. Plus she actually does know how to cook and has some bloody brilliant recipes to go with all the extremely insightful and useful nutrition info she shares.

26. Wholefood Simply everyone who follows my page knows my household goes apeshit for these cookies. This banana bread has also been a life saver for getting my son grain free. He adores it.

27. Terrific Fitness have some seriously awesome recipes on their page.

28. Food, Glorious, Friendly Food Intolerance friendly, kid friendly food….free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and additives. A blog about how wonderfully easy and scrumptious catering for food intolerances can be…from my kitchen to yours!

29. Lisa Corduff in the Kitchen where I’m in the process of transitioning my family to a whole foods diet. The food must be real. That’s the challenge!

30. A girl, a guy, furkids and food The life, loves and food of an unconventional nuclear family from Hobart, Tasmania. We love our furkids, eating food and cooking food. We also love our Thermomix, our amazing helper in the kitchen.

31. Informed Health whilst not really recipes I think worth including this blog as its jam packed with really super useful information.

32. Nosh Nosh Splosh Healthy food from my kitchen shared over a glass of wine.. there are some great gravy recipes. A few people have been asking what to replace gravox with, whilst not totally grain free heaps better than using that rubbish!!

Ok seriously that’s enough for now. If I have to link another link in this goddamn blog post I think I might end up stabbing myself with a nearby pen. I really hope you enjoy all these amazing pages and blogs, they are jam packed with delicious recipes and many of them have really supported my work and the petition.

You will also be excited to know that I will soon be releasing my first e-book *EXCITEMENT DANCE* called the Big Fat Truth.


Cover by the very talented Jemma Gorring

Are you after a guide that debunks the living daylights out of mainstream nutrition ideas, gives options for replacing soft drinks and other sugar filled concoctions, teaches you how to make the huge change from a life of processed foods, illness and weight issues back to traditional, nourishing foods, healthy fats and balance in your life? Do you want a handy resource for what to say to people that think you’ve lost your blob because you don’t want to eat the ‘heart healthy’ multigrain bread with margarine and no actually you don’t want that nasty diet soft drink anymore? Do you want to know I emerged from the depths of pitiful nutrition and dreadful health and regained my health by BREAKING ALL THE RULES (my favourite past time) and following the exact opposite of the mainstream dietary guidelines and accepted advice? Do you want all the info on what to buy and what to avoid like the plague? Want the goods on fats, protein, dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners and MUCH MUCH MORE???

Then please pre order your copy right over here and help me get this e-book out into the world!! Anyone who gives $15 or more to help fund the release of this thing will automatically have their copy sent straight to their inbox the SECOND it is released.

Feel free to comment if you have a blog you think should be included. If I’ve given you a shout out here feel free to return the favour! My page is here.

Enjoy :) xxx

Creating the Big Fat Truth e-book for you!


I get a plethora of questions daily about how to return to a traditional, nourishing way of eating. More and more people are dipping their toes in and finding out more about how amazing life is when they begin to refuse the sugar, GMO grain, seed oils and all the other processed, additive, colour, flavour filled rubbish on the market and return to the foods we evolved to eat. You want to nourish yourself and you definitely want to nourish your kids.. but bloody hell where to even start?? What on earth to buy? How to cook? How to not go totally broke on organics? How to budget? What on earth are your super fussy kids who love their white bread, pasta and cheese even going to eat? What kind of milk and butter and meat to buy? Where to buy it? What should be on your shopping list? How to maintain a healthy weight? WHY are the dietary guidelines so flawed? What do I tell people thank think I’m a nutter? What should you avoid? What are the best fats to use? Which ones are deadly? What else do I need to know to protect my family? What about fermented foods- how does that even work? Gut health? SO MANY QUESTIONS and so many more to be answered.

And I truly do want to answer them all for you and assist you in your journey, giving you the power to regain and maintain your health and take care of your yourself and/or your family giving them the ABSOLUTE BEST start in life. I want it to be easy to understand, fun to read and ALL IN ONE PLACE. Just for you. To refer to whenever you like. Filled with pretty pictures and handy hints. Filled with love and support and sarcasm and hilarity. I dream about creating this every day, then I write what I dream and rework it and put all my passion and fire into it until it is just exactly perfect and I can release it with love into the world for you to pour over and learn from and enjoy.

I visualise this book going out into the world and helping people far and wide- giving them access to information that is NOT biased and funded by Big Food and Big Pharma. I imagine the amazing effect it will have on their life, health and happiness and the ripple effect this will create. It excites me big time.

I so want to get this e-book finished, package it beautifully and get it out there. I need to create my website and shopping cart and infusionsoft and mailing list and upgrade my dodgy 5 year old laptop! Which is why I have made it available for PRE ORDER! For one week only. Anyone who donates $15 or more to help me get it out there, exactly the way it should be, will automatically go on the list to receive their copy direct to their inbox the second it is released. To get your copy please head to http://fnd.us/c/0efNc/sh/a2Nxbb.

I look forward to hearing what you think of it when it is released :)

Thank you for reading!

Much love :)

Jessie Reimers

Gratitude, Community and Story Sharing


Are you grateful for all the amazing parts of your life? Or do you focus on the negative parts and forget to feel the sun on your skin, laugh with your family, look at the leaves and life around you and appreciate all the beautiful people in your life.


Photo by Rose Hewartson Photography

It can be so easy to concentrate on the negative, to get caught up in struggling to pay the bills and feed your family and keep on top of everything you have to do in your insanely busy life. I’m a mum with one on the way, a Thermomix consultant, I’ve been working my bum off for 9 months getting the Heart Foundation petition out there, which certainly doesn’t pay the bills and in between trying desperately to finish writing my first book, stay healthy and keep my family healthy and be there for my partner, three year old, unborn child AND myself. Shit can certainly get crazy and when people are nasty to you or things don’t always go to plan it can be so easy to dwell on all the rubbish. But life is so much more astounding and wonderful when you focus on the best bits!!

Yesterday was one of the most emotional, overwhelming, amazing, crazy, awesome, wonderful days of my life. The night before I had a bit of a thread happening on my facebook page about what would be a good idea for me to study or what skills I needed in order to achieve my dreams of writing and public speaking. Several people in the past have suggested that I do Carren Smith’s Speakers Fast Trak Course which I knew would be amazingly beneficial for me but I also knew I wasn’t going to have nearly $1000 spare cash to fork out for it because I am having to wind back my Thermomix work as I am now heavily pregnant and about to have a new baby! Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys (check out the podcast we were recently involved in together here) suggested that I set up crowd funding and have people donate to get me there and when a number of my other amazing followers suggested the same thing and said they’d happily donate I knew it was something I had to think about further, clearly the Universe was trying to get me there!! It was something that I found really awkward to think about, asking complete strangers for money so I could do an amazing course and keep spreading the message about eating real food and natural healthy fats and avoiding profiteering, mainstream, damaging dietary advice. It is my absolute life’s passion. Nothing makes me feel more alive and there is no better feeling then when you get messages from people saying their lives and families have been dramatically changed by returning to a real food, nourishing way of eating.

So I set up this crowd funding campaign, I nervously put it up on my page and dawdled for a whole night and felt so odd about it all. I thought I’d probably get a total of $3 and the whole thing would just be super awkward and embarrassing. What followed was the most overwhelming, amazing stream of donations. In half a day we had cleared the goal of $1050 to get me to the course. I literally couldn’t stop crying, every time people put more money on and sent me messages of support I cried some more, I’m going to blame the hormones a little bit too haha. I honestly don’t think I realised how much people truly appreciated all the hard work I’ve put into the campaign all year and sharing all the information I do with as many people as possible. It was a mind blowing experience. Complete strangers, friends and colleagues gifting me with their hard earned $$ so that I can carry on my dreams..

The total is now at $1187 and I am absolutely lost for words, the campaign has another 25 days left on it as I didn’t think I would reach the goal in HALF A DAY!! All extra funds are going towards me doing Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Biz & Life course which will equip me with such much needed marketing skills, how to create and share e-books with the world and all kinds of awesome stuff as well as self publishing my first e-book AND HARD COPY when it is finished.


The whole experience has left me speechless quite honestly. I am so full of gratitude for everyone involved, those who encouraged me to do it, those who have supported me in everything I do, the amazing online community we have created together, the people I have met and who have always offered kind words and encouragement when I so desperately want to quit because it’s all too hard. You all mean so much to me, I am very, very thankful to each and every one of you.

Just one last request- for my book/e-book and blog I would like some real life stories- how has the food you eat changed your life or child’s life and health? If you’ve got a story to share feel free to comment here or email jessrems@gmail.com and share your story with me! Let me know if you would prefer to remain anonymous or if you are happy to include your full name, occupation and location (City and Country) that would be fantastic. Sharing our stories helps people a lot.

If you would like to give a little something to the campaign you can still do so here, donations start at $1 and I promise each dollar will be treasured and spent well. I’ll see you in a town near you one day when I’m traveling the world doing what I love to do the most off the back of this AMAZING COURSE which YOU GUYS MADE HAPPEN!

Much love and gratitude to you.

Jessie Reimers